Sellwood Junior Baseball (SJB) is a non-profit and all volunteer-run community baseball and softball league for kids in Southeast Portland. Older players participate in Clackamas County Junior Baseball (CCJBA) under Junior Baseball of Oregon (JBO).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we within the boundaries for Sellwood Baseball/Softball?
For kids pre-K through 4th grade, we can accept kids from any area for our "town leagues". 
For kids 3rd grade and older who wish to play "county ball", we are required to make up teams mostly from within the Cleveland High School boundaries. There are many exceptions to this guideline however, and we are often able to accommodate kids from other areas, especially those without existing Junior Baseball leagues. If you are curious about Cleveland High School boundaries, you can look at this map.

Should my child play in T-ball or Farm?

If your child  is in Pre-school or Kindergarten, they should play t-ball. This level builds skills and game understanding at a very basic level. For children who have never played baseball, or have played one year at the Pre-K level.

If you child is in 1st or 2nd grade and has one year of t-ball under their belt—they are ready for Farm ball. For children who have played T-ball or are new to baseball. If your child has little or no organized baseball experience, they can play at the Farm level, but may need some extra practice at home prior to the season to make sure they have the basic skills and game understanding.

Should I register my child for Farm or the Sellwood National League?

If you are a parent of a 2nd grade player, and considering having your child "play-up" at the SNL level, you should first consider that this level requires a player assessment process, and team placement is made by coaches at this level. There is no “Coach Request” or “Teammate Request” consideration at SNL level. Assessments are required for SNL and only a few 2nd graders of exceptional skill level and competitiveness will be drafted on to teams (as space allows).

Should I request the Sellwood National League or Minor for my child at assessments?

If you are a parent of a 3rd or 4th grade player, you may consider two things–whether your family is interested in traveling throughout the season, and whether your child’s baseball skills match the description for Minor American. If the answers are—“No”—then you should request your player be drafted at the Sellwood National League. If the answers are–“Maybe”or “Yes”–we recommend you let the assessment process determine proper placement. Again, we remind all parents at the Sellwood National and Minor level—placement is based on assessment and coach selection. Approximately 80% of players will be drafted to the Sellwood National League.

SNL level – The league and SNL coaches will make a commitment to evenly distribute players by age and skill level

At SNL and COUNTY levels – The league will encourage previous coach input (when possible) for players who may have assessed “low” or “high” for their ability so we ensure they get placed appropriately. We understand the scores do not always tell the whole story.

In some cases, a player and/or their family may wish to register for the County level, but assessments may determine the best placement for the child is at the Sellwood National League. If that happens, SJB coaches and board members will communicate with the family and make appropriate changes to uniform order.

What if my child doesn’t get placed on a team with their friends or classmates?

We understand this is important to children, especially in T-ball, Farm, and Softball. SJB administrators take special care to ensure requests at these levels are met. We sort T-ball, Farm, and Softball requests in the following order:

  1. Coach Request
  2. Teammate Request
  3. Same School

At the County Leagues, from 3rd – 8th grade (Minor, Junior, Senior), the focus is on appropriate skill level placement. Sellwood Baseball assessment goals include safety, confidence, and skill building.

Hardball can be a dangerous sport. American and Federal players at any age level have to demonstrate defensive skills to successfully handle hard-hit balls, wild hops, and hard throws. Based on this fact alone, assessments are a responsible and necessary process for placing players on teams. Because our goals are safety, confidence, and skill building, we do not guarantee players the option of playing with coaches or teammates they request. It simply may not be in their best interest.

At the Sellwood National League, modifications in rules and focus on player development make this a safe and valuable opportunity for early development of County baseball players. However, these players will not have the option of player and coach requests, because appropriate skill placement is important at this level as well, due to the use of hard baseballs and emphasis on confidence and skill development. Based on many years of observing teams and players, we know those elements happen more naturally in an environment where players with similar skills and interest play together.

Is there a Scholarship Program for those who need help with fees?

Yes. If you, or someone you know, has a financial need for support in order to register one or more children in the league, please fill out the form here. If you request financial aid, please consider volunteering your time for one of the following:

  • Uniform Distribution
  • Opening Day Concessions
  • Field Maintenance
  • Sponsor Procurement
  • Equipment Coordination
  • Tournament Assistance
  • Oaks Park Event Assistance

Why isn’t there a multi-family price reduction?

SJB has tried to keep fees low for all players, even though field permits, insurance, and team fees for County are increasing. If fees for more than 2 players make baseball cost-prohibitive for your family, we can offer participation in the Scholarship Program (above).

What do our registration fees pay for?

Baseball/Softball are sports with many moving parts. From equipment and player protective gear, to portable restrooms, field maintenance, and outside organizational fees–a lot of money is spent to keep our kids safe, protected, and engaged in the sport.

Average time players are engaged in baseball/softball per season (including practices, games, tournaments—will vary by team):

  • T-ball/Farm/Softball 68 – 78 hours
  • Sellwood National League 78 – 88 hours
  • County Teams 108-120 hours

Divide your registration fees by the number of hours in a season. You will find the cost per hour to be less than $3 in most cases. By any standard, this is a great value.

What is the next step after registration?

We will be in contact to confirm your registration has been received, and we will update you with important information, such as team placement (T-ball, Farm, Softball), and assessment dates (Sellwood National League, County Teams). Assessment dates are usually held the first part of February, and team selections for Sellwood National League and County Teams will be completed before Spring Break. Families and players will be notified by their coach when teams have been selected.

When and where are practices?

Practice days and times are chosen by the coaches. Once teams are selected, coaches will contact families via phone or email with this information. Practices are held at local fields.

Can I request a team that has certain practice and game days?

No. Because we have limited fields and no control over game days (at the County level especially), we do not accommodate requests for team placement based on practice or game days. Coaches are the only ones who have choices in those situations.

How many days can we expect our player to practice? How many games?

Based on skill level and age, the times below reflect an approximate practice and game times per week. Please note: this will vary from team to team, and the higher level the player, the more time per week will be spent on practice and/or games.

Typically, practices begin after Spring Break and games begin in May. Usually, once games begin practices end (except for high level teams). The breakdown below is approximate and general to age and skill level.

T-ball/Farm/Softball – 2 hours a week practices and games
Sellwood National League – 4 hours* a week practices and games
County Minor – 4 hours* a week practices and games
County Junior – 4-6 hours* a week practices and games
County Senior – 4-6 hours* a week practices and games

* This does not include hours spent on optional weekend tournaments.

When does the season begin and end?

Games usually begin in May and last through June.  Coaches decide when to begin practices. Most start after spring break, but others may choose an earlier start date.

Regular season schedules/game nights will be announced in April–they may or may not coincide with practice nights.

Softball and County schedules will vary, but typically begin in May and end at the beginning of July. Teams usually play these games two days a week—half played at home fields, and the other half played throughout the county. Game days are not selected by Sellwood Junior Baseball (SJB). They are issued from the County Leagues in late April. Post-season County and State playoffs follow the regular season and have the potential of going from July to the beginning of August (approximately half of the teams will qualify).